We are reliable Chili Pepper growing and marketing company
Kick start your Pepper business with us today
All our peppers are Natural and Non-GMO.
Wide varieties available for your selection
Healthy peppers and Diet based peppers
From normal chili peppers to hot peppers, we got you covered
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Our Chili Peppers are naturally grown and stored without chemicals.We give our customers 100% sorted, stone free and perfectly neat peppers.


We constantly update our Pepper varieties in order to give our customers the choice to make from a wide selection. Equally let your customer know their pepper status.


Save more than 80% of your present costs from the purchase of our Chili peppers and enjoy other benefits from our partnerships.


We deliver your orders free of charge, when you make a minimum order purchase.



Do you want to boost your business by removing the stress of grinding  your own powered/crushed pepper?Yes we will help you grind the pepper at a very little cost and deliver to your location for FREE. No added coloring, no Kolanut, and  Grinded in a neat environment.

Crushed Pepper

Smooth Pepper


How is Chili Pepper grown and stored?

Our Chili Peppers are naturally grown and stored without chemicals. They are sorted, stone free, and perfectly neat.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q) can one make?

For now the Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q) is 40 bowls, but plans are been made to reduce the M.O.Q in the nearest future, God willing.

How do i know the level of heat/hotness of each of your Pepper?

We have developed a chart to enable our customers to quickly learn and know the heat level of all the Pepper varieties. Simply click on any of the variety, you will find it on the pepper variety product page clicked.

What payment methods are accepted?

For now we accept Prepaid either by direct bank transfer or card payments.

How long it take to deliver my orders?

Customers orders usually gets to them within 5 to 7 business days.

How do I benefit from partnership?

You will be given great discounts and will give you our detailed guideline on how to kick start. Just contact us to get started.

Why do you use the white bowl for your measurements and how many Milk cups are in a bowl?

We feel it is more transparent between our customers and us to use this as this seems to be the simplest measurement of the Chili Pepper in West Africa.

The following are the analysis of the number of Milk cups in a bowl of the different varieties:

A. Dan Baba: 17-18 Milk cups inside

B. En Yara: 16-17 Milk cups inside

C. Sarus: 16-17 Milk cups inside

D. M-Beta: 16-17 Milk cups inside

E. Sosay: 17-18 Milk cups inside

F. Munchez: 16-17 Milk cups inside.

Is your FREE SHIPPING actually free?

Yes, we really mean every bit of everything we say at, as through this our esteemed customers will be able to cut more costs coupled with other discounts we will give to our partners.

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740, Chiranchi Tudu, Kumbotso, Kano, Nigeria.

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Kick start your Pepper business with us today

We are reliable Chili Pepper growing and marketing company.Save more than 80% costs on your pepper purchase.From normal chili peppers to hot peppers, we got you covered.

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